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Social Media platforms represent an opportunity to establish brand identity and interact with the public. We help improve social media’s impact on revenue, through strategic communication, community building & reputation management.

Digital Content And Video

Branded content and media is fast becoming the best way to drive awareness and conversions online. We can help you create content that delivers value and relevance with a great ROI, whether it’s a blog post, press release, or video.


Paid Search is a great way to drive traffic to a site from search engines. Our strategic approach includes keyword analysis, rule-based bid management, and regular optimization to keep your paid campaign driving relevant traffic to your site.

Web Development

Our team of web developers pride themselves on delivering industry leading results on time and on budget. We focus on offering the latest functionality and compatibility to drive towards your business objectives.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in custom apps & mobile strategy development. From flow diagrams & UI wireframes, to UX design, we take every mission seriously.

Online Strategy

Digital Shawarma was founded to help companies establish and expand their digital brands. We work with clients to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies that include long-term marketing roadmaps to achieve business objectives.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an integral component of your digital marketing strategy. And that’s where we specialize in the design, delivery, reporting and analysis of your e-newsletters, promotional campaigns and surveys.


When you succeed, we succeed!
We are fueled by our love for all things Digital.

At Digital Shawarma we don’t ‘do’ digital marketing, we live and breathe it. It’s in our DNA. From creative content to PPC, PR and SEO, our approach is deeply holistic, using every channel and each moment to optimal effect.

We're a small but full stack digital agency, that's lean but mean and is dedicated to clients and innovation. Based out of the 'City of Gold' aka Dubai, we're very passionate about delivering creative work even if we have to do that within a 140 character word limit.

We appreciate your goals and understand the confusing and crazy world of digital marketing, meaning we can guide you through the best avenue for your online objectives.

  • Driving results with speed and focus

  • Brand awareness, engagement and loyalty

  • Short, branded content for web and social platforms

  • Maximizing creativity with technical performance


We’re a creative bunch. We’re the dreamers and the doers.

Husain Cherawala

With over 11 years of experience, Husain has been part of the evolving digital landscape in Dubai. With a creative bent and academics in computer science, he’s worked with award winning agencies and brands in the region.

Juzer Songerwala

Strategic Partner
Juzer, a business development visionary, brings his enterprise understanding to product development and strategy across verticals. He has substantial experience in the internet, mobility, software and services.

frederick tadeo

Digital Art Director & Videographer
Frederick is an award winning creative with over 15+ years design experience in renowned interactive agencies. His creative and videography skills coupled with a strong work ethic ensures his work is of the highest quality.

Hassam Haroon

Web Specialist
Hassam is a seasoned web specialist having developed highly interactive product and platform designs. He loves creating visual systems for brands and campaigns striking a fine balance between aesthetics and an unforgettable user experience.


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